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Certifications, quality and consumer’s safety

Certifications, the quality and safety of the consumer

Quality and consumer’s safety, are the fundamental principles of the entire business activities of the D'Aries srl. For this purpose, in fact, we provide our clients a range of products exclusively from organic agriculture, respecting the Reg, CE 2092/91, for the entire chain from raw material to consumer.
Organic Products Ltd. of D'Aries are certified by the 'Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification - ICEA, which is among the most important certification bodies in Italy and Europe.

The law establishes precise parameters that define a product "organic" and in particular:
• Time and procedure for conversion from conventional to organic farm company
• Regulations on the procedures for plant cultivation and animal husbandry,
• Lists of the approved materials
• Recording system for all business operations.

Since 1991 there is a certification scheme aimed to product safety and transparency of the procedures. So, once certified that it is "organic product", the control bodies carry out annual inspections, compliance controls of the field, laboratory analysis, checks on the correct record keeping of loading and unloading of products.

D'Aries srl, in this way ensures the quality and traceability of its products from organic farming, in perfect harmony with its vocation of corporate sustainability, being careful to consumer health and environmental impact of agricultural activities.