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Black Olives in Brine variety Peranzana grown in Puglia

The olives chosen for the development of this product belong to Peranzana variety, cultivated in Puglia. The cultivation of 'Peranzana", also known by the name " Provenzalel" or "Permezana," was introduced by the princes De Sangro, landowners in the area, and descendants of the Dukes of Burgundy, a region of central France. Is a plant that has found its ideal climate in Capitanata. The collection period is concentrated in the months of October and November. The product is obtained by direct fermentation in a solution of sodium chloride of the drupe of Olea europaea, variety Peranzana. It is packaged in drums with preserving liquid (brine 8%).

The primary use of these olives is for the consumption as such, but can also be used for the preparation of more complex dishes, such as sauces, can also be used for decorative purposes.
Black olives var. Peranzana, water, salt
Appearance: oblong
Color: brown, white, black
Odour: characteristic
Taste: amaretto
Total bacteria count: 500000 MAX u.f.c. / g
Enterobacteria: MAX 100 u.f.c. / g
Salmonella: absent/25g
Fungi: MAX 5000 u.f.c. / g
Pesticide residue: in accordance with the Ministerial Decree of 27/08/2004 and subsequent amendments
Residues of mycotoxins in accordance with the EEC Regulation 466 /01 of 08/03/2001 and subsequent amendments
NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (for 100 grams of product):
Energy: 168 kcal
Protein: 1 g
Fat: 17 grams
Total Carbohydrates: 2.80 grams
Lucera - Foggia - Apulia - ITALY
Masseria del Vicario - D' Aries
Lucera - Foggia - Apulia - ITALY
Pot from cc. 156 Pieces 6 per carton EPAL Floor No. 432 cartons
Pot from cc. 212 Pieces 6 per carton EPAL Floor No. 348 cartons
Pot from cc. 314 Pieces 6 per carton EPAL Floor No. 240 Cartons
Pot from cc. 580 Pieces 6 per carton EPAL Floor No. 160 cartons
Pot from cc. 1700 Pieces 2 per carton EPAL Floor No. 150 Cartons

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